Issue Brief

Advancing the Quality of Malnutrition Care for Older Adults Through Community Prevention and Response

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December 19, 2018
Jessa K. Engelberg, PhD; Andrea M. Morris, PhD, MPH; Amy Herr, MHS; Brenda Schmitthenner, MPA Authors Affiliation: West Health | Care Setting Focus: Community

Malnutrition poses a significant threat to the health, well-being, and independence of older adults. As this population continues to grow in the United States, greater efforts are needed to prevent and address malnutrition where individuals live and manage their health: in their homes and communities. This commentary proposes a community-focused approach for further advancing malnutrition care for community-dwelling older adults, by recognizing the broader social factors that contribute to and exacerbate malnutrition. Suggested approaches to support and build upon the numerous existing efforts to improve malnutrition care are discussed. Specifically, strategies and recommendations are provided for proactively addressing and preventing malnutrition among community-dwelling older adults by:

• Expanding screening in the community

• Leveraging existing community-based programs and services

• Strengthening collaboration and communication between clinical and community settings

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Amy Herr
Director, Health Policy