Accelerating the Adoption of Value-Based Care

Value-Based Care

Healthcare in America is stuck in a world dominated by traditional fee-for-service payment models, which drive up costs irrespective of outcomes. Transitioning to value-based payment models is critical to reducing, slowing, or reversing the high cost of healthcare and improving care for all Americans.
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Healthcare payments in 2021 were connected to fee-for-service
Target year for all Medicare beneficiaries to be in accountable care relationship
Outcomes are driven by social determinants of health
Americans support value-based care over fee-for service

Collaborate with healthcare leaders to shift from fee-for-service to value-based payment models.

Current Goals

Advocate for approaches that connect payments to health outcomes.

Generate evidence for lowering costs and improving care in value-based care environments.

Accelerate the adoption of value-based care models throughout the nation.

Spotlight on the Issue

Home and Community-Based Acute Care

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Senior-centered, home-based alternative care can better address the unique needs of older adults.

The United States needs more senior-centered, home-based alternatives that better address the unique needs of older adults.

The hospital is not always the optimal care setting for a senior patient to heal. West Health is researching innovative and effective options for acute care delivery to safely replace facility-based services, when appropriate, with home and community-based services for patient-centered solutions at a lower cost.

West Health works with a diverse group of healthcare leaders to improve care delivery that enables older adults to be safely cared for at home, when possible, rather than a hospital admission. The organization focuses efforts to advance home and community-based acute care solutions, especially within the context of risk-bearing provider and delivery systems. Collaboration with these risk-bearing organizations directly aligns with the mission of West Health as they have embraced the imperative to shift from volume-based payments to a value-based payment model, providing high-quality care consistent with the wishes of the person and their families/caregivers.

West Health is committed to advancing innovative, person-centered, scalable, and sustainable models to address the acute care needs of older adults in the emergency department, home, and community and lower the cost of healthcare.

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