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Master Plan for Aging

West Health called for and helped develop California’s Master Plan for Aging (MPA) to address the needs of the state’s growing senior population. This historic public-private partnership, now in its fourth year, spans healthcare, social services, transportation, housing, caregiving, inclusion, and equity.
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6 Million
Seniors live in California today, 10.8 million will by 2030
Americans will be older than 65 by 2030, up from 15% today
The year older adults will outnumber children in the U.S.
$17 Billion
200+ MPA initiatives in California

California’s Master Plan for Aging (MPA) makes the health and well being of older Californians and people with disabilities a major priority. It provides a 10-year blueprint for state and local government, philanthropy, private sector nonprofits, and other stakeholders to guide the state in addressing the rapid rise in its aging population.

Current Goals

Create millions of new housing options that are age, disability, and dementia-friendly and climate and disaster-ready.

Ensure all Californians have access to healthcare and other services that increase life expectancy, increase quality of life, and close equity gaps.

Increase life satisfaction by providing opportunities that are free from isolation, discrimination, abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

Create one million new caregiving jobs to better support older Californians and their families throughout the aging process.

Close equity gaps in aging and increase economic security for older adults.

Every State Needs a Multisector Plan for Aging

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California is currently one of only five states with such a plan, but that is changing.

We’re collaborating with The SCAN Foundation and May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust to help 20 more develop or further advance plans through the Multisector Plan for Aging Learning Collaborative, led by The Center for Health Care Strategies (CHCS). The collaborative is already supporting states including Connecticut, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Washington State who are working on their own Multisector Plans for Aging. These plans may be referred to by different names—e.g., Master Plan for Aging, Action Plan on Aging Well, Strategic Action Plan on Aging, but no matter what it’s called—the Multisector Plan for Aging movement is beginning to sweep the country!

States have a Multisector Plan for Aging
States are fostering the development of an MPA
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