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Home and Community-based Services for Seniors in Home-based Primary Care

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May 02, 2018
Integrating Nutrition Services in Medicaid Managed Care to Enhance Elderly Health and Efficiency

Nutritional services under Medicaid managed care are pivotal in addressing the health needs of low-income older adults, with innovative health plans integrating nutrition into broader healthcare frameworks to improve health outcomes and enhance cost-effectiveness. These plans employ tailored nutritional interventions, backed by data-driven assessments, significantly reducing hospital visits and improving elderly health conditions. Collaborative efforts between state agencies and managed care plans emphasize the importance of performance incentives to foster these integrations, which address not only immediate nutritional needs but also broader social determinants of health. Advocacy for increased funding and policy support underlines the potential for nutritional services to become integral components of comprehensive healthcare, promising significant cost savings and improved quality of life for the elderly.