Issue Brief

Innovations in Supportive Services for California’s Seniors

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September 11, 2018
Enhancing Senior Care Through Integrated Supportive Services

There is a growing need for supportive services aimed at seniors, especially in California where the senior population is expected to surge by four million by 2030. These services, which encompass nutrition, housing, transportation, and various forms of personal care, are pivotal in allowing seniors to maintain independence and safety as they age. The integration of these services with general healthcare could enhance seniors’ overall well-being and manage health costs more effectively by reducing the need for more expensive medical interventions.

West Health, in collaboration with various partners, has been actively researching and promoting innovative models to deliver these services effectively. Initiatives like integrating health and safety monitoring with daily meal delivery services have shown promise in improving the general well-being of homebound seniors. Furthermore, West Health is exploring community-based solutions such as the 360 Degree Caregiving Solution that links healthcare providers with social service agencies to create a more cohesive care environment for seniors, aiming to enable them to live independently and with dignity.

Innovations in Supportive Services for California’s Seniors