Home based Acute Care at Home: Getting Started Guide

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June 15, 2022

Clinical care models designed to treat older patients at home are gaining traction as research evidence is showing how these disruptive approaches to healthcare can lower total cost of care and provide better quality of care for their patients. The West Health Institute in collaboration with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement developed the Home-based Acute Care Getting Started Guide as part of our 2019-2021 collaboration. This resource guides the process for designing and implementing home-based clinical and operational acute care models for older adults. It is designed for organizations in the early stages of program development.

Thirteen healthcare organizations from across the country, all of whom were taking on financial risk, participated in the Home-based Acute Care Learning and Action Network (HomeLAN). These teams collaborated to find effective ways to serve older adults and make care more efficient and affordable through brainstorming sessions, peer to peer learning and rapid cycle PDSA tests of change. The results of the HomeLAN informed the content and recommendations of this Guide.


Amy Stuck, Ph.D., RN
Senior Project Manager Acute Care
West Health Institute
Kevin Little, Ph.D.
Improvement Advisor
Institute for Healthcare Improvement

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