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Civica Rx

Civica Rx, the nation’s first nonprofit generic drug company, was formed in 2018 to address high drug prices and chronic drug shortages. The Gary and Mary West Foundation was one of the philanthropic cofounders and continues to engage with the organization as it expands its footprint and disrupts the healthcare marketplace by increasing competition and putting patient needs over corporate profits.
Civica Rx and West Health Leadership Teams
Why it matters
154 Million
Units of Civica Rx medications have helped treat 67 million patients
1 in 4
Patients with diabetes are unable to afford their medication
Maximum price per insulin vial provided by Civica Rx
8.4 Million
Americans rely on insulin to survive

The goal of Civica Rx is to redress chronic market failures resulting in drug shortages and predatory pricing.

Current Goals

Manufacture critical generic medicines at affordable prices.

Reduce shortages of essential lifesaving generic drugs.

Expand drug targets for manufacture.


Disrupting the pharmaceutical industry – Civica Rx

American flag and Civica flag

Civica Rx, the nation’s first nonprofit generic pharmaceutical company, cofounded by the Gary and Mary West Foundation, is increasing competition, reducing the cost of critical generic medicines, and creating more predictable supplies, ensuring patients take priority over profits.

Civica Rx will produce three generic insulins at a recommended price of no more than $30 per vial and is partnering with the State of California to produce affordable insulin for the state’s residents.

For far too long our country has been held hostage to drug companies that are charging excessive prices. Due to the inaction of elected officials, we have organizations popping up across the U.S. like Civica taking on huge societal problems and being disruptive in the market.

Shelley Lyford
CEO & Chair, Gary and Mary West Foundation
Vice Chair, Civica Rx

Since its launch in September 2018, Civica Rx now provides more than 80 generic drugs to more than 55+ health systems that together comprise approximately 1,500 hospitals representing more than 30% of all inpatient hospital capacity in the U.S. To put this into perspective, that’s akin to adding 40 to 50 member hospitals per month, every month, since Civica Rx’s inception.

Civica Rx also supplies generic medications to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the U.S. Department of Defense, has supplied millions of medication vials to the U.S. Strategic National Stockpile, and has provided 11 essential medications used to help care for Covid-19 patients.

Facing public pressure, more major pharmaceutical companies recently announced insulin price cuts including Sanofi, Novo Nordisk and Eli Lily. Continued competition from low-cost insulin providers such as Civica Rx is a force that will keep this critical medicine affordable for the long term.

Hospitals and 55 health systems are working with Civica Rx throughout the U.S.
Units of Civica Rx medications have helped treat 67 million patients
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