Preemptive Engagement of High-Risk Patients to Increase Utilization of, and Demand for, Home Hospitalization

< 1 min
June 16, 2021

Sarah Steinberg shares how the Medically HomeĀ® Membership Program, an opt-in pre-enrollment program for patients at a Boston-based hospital-at-home initiative, was an opportunity to reliably change one of the most influential patient behaviors that drives total medical expense: how patients behave when they are experiencing an unplanned acute event. This webinar discusses how this hospital-at-home membership program increased utilization of home-based hospitalization alternatives like Medically Home by pursuing deep understanding of high-risk patients and then offering them a tailored experience. Strategic marketing concepts like network effects and market segmentation were used, and will be discussed, as they provided a fresh lens and approach to a timeless problem: How do we engage the high-risk patients who are high-risk partially because of their low engagement?

Learning objectives for this presentation:

  • Learn how the discovery of missing network effects and market complements led to a better understanding of the demand for a hospital-at-home program.
  • Learn how using strategic marketing methods, namely market segmentation and market segment targeting, enabled better engagement from high-risk patients.


  • Sarah Steinberg, MBA – Founder of Orbital Solutions

Watch recording of the event here