Webinar: Business Speaks: The Future of Employer-Sponsored Insurance

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June 16, 2021

More than half of all Americans receive their health insurance through work. However, research from West Health and Gallup finds that employer-sponsored insurance isn’t working — for businesses and workers alike. Over the past two decades, employer-sponsored health insurance premiums and deductibles have continued to increase. These rising costs impact business competitiveness and stretch household budgets. The more businesses spend on employee health insurance, the less is left over for wages, investments and other business expenses. And while employers bear the brunt of the expenses, millions of Americans with employer-sponsored insurance still have difficulty affording healthcare expenses.

Experts from West Health and Gallup, along with representatives from the business community discuss how rising healthcare costs affect business decisions for large and small businesses, the impact of high-cost care on American workers, and what business owners and the public view as possible solutions.


Larry Levitt, Executive Vice President for Health Policy, KFF

John Arensmeyer, Founder & CEO, Small Business Majority

Dan Gorenstein, Executive Producer and Host, Tradeoffs

Shelley Lyford, President and Chief Executive Officer, West Health

Tim Lash, Chief Strategy Officer and Executive Vice President, West Health

Mohamed Younis, Editor-in-Chief, Gallup

Shelley Lyford
CEO, Chair & Trustee, Gary and Mary West Foundation
CEO & Chair, West Health Institute
Timothy Lash
President, Gary and Mary West Foundation
President, West Health Institute
President & Chair, West Health Policy Center