Access to Geriatric Emergency Care

GED Atlas

To support data-driven expansion of specialized emergency care for older adults, West Health Institute created the Geriatric Emergency Department (GED) Atlas. The GED Atlas is a collection of maps that show where GEDs are located in relation to the older adult population. The GED Atlas is intended to empower leaders with information about what services are available to the people they serve.
Data Visualization

The GED Movement Has Been Spreading Rapidly Across the Country

GEDs tailor care for older adults in the ED with the goal of reducing harm and improving health. Since the American College of Emergency Physicians established the GED accreditation program in 2018, over 450 EDs have become accredited, providing specialized care for older adults across the nation. This map shows the growth of GEDs over time from 2018-2023. Select the drop-down menu to navigate different time periods.

Data Visualization

Many EDs in Areas with Large Older Adult Populations Sought Accreditation

To date, GEDs are primarily located in areas with large older adult populations. The result is that 23.9 million–almost one-third–of all older adults in the U.S. have access to GED services. This heatmap highlights the geographic distribution of older adults along with the location of accredited GEDs. Warmer colors represent larger older adult populations.