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Reducing Spending, Protecting Consumers

Lowering Healthcare Costs

The ever rising cost of healthcare services and procedures puts a significant strain on Americans, with 57 million reporting that they have cut back on household spending to pay for hospital stays, prescription drugs, insurance premiums, and associated out-if-pocket costs.
Disrupting the Status Quo

Master Plan for Aging

West Health called for and helped develop California’s Master Plan for Aging (MPA) to address the needs of the state’s growing senior population. This historic public-private partnership, now in its fourth year, spans healthcare, social services, transportation, housing, caregiving, inclusion, and equity.
Supplying quality, affordable generic medicines

Civica Rx

Civica Rx, the nation’s first nonprofit generic drug company, was formed in 2018 to address high drug prices and chronic drug shortages. The Gary and Mary West Foundation was one of the philanthropic cofounders and continues to engage with the organization as it expands its footprint and disrupts the healthcare marketplace by increasing competition and putting patient needs over corporate profits.
Civica Rx and West Health Leadership Teams
Accelerating the Adoption of Value-Based Care

Value-Based Care

Healthcare in America is stuck in a world dominated by traditional fee-for-service payment models, which drive up costs irrespective of outcomes. Transitioning to value-based payment models is critical to reducing, slowing, or reversing the high cost of healthcare and improving care for all Americans.
Woman doctor helping senior woman in wheelchair
The Gold Standard

Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)

PACE is the gold standard when it comes to caring for older adults. These programs give seniors the opportunity to safely age in their own homes and communities rather than in a nursing home by providing comprehensive and coordinated medical and social services. Since 2019, Gary and Mary West PACE has been helping seniors in San Diego and has become a model program as we help lead a movement to increase the availability of PACE nationwide.
PACE PACEBuilding 535x461
Acute Care

Geriatric Emergency Care

Emergency departments are seeing an increase in visits made by older adults, and with the unique needs and vulnerabilities of a growing 65+ population, hospitals must prepare to respond. Geriatric emergency departments (GED) are transforming the way older adults receive emergency care.
Young woman nurse chatting with her elderly woman patient
High Prices, Broken Promises

Making Prescription Drugs Affordable

For decades, politicians and policymakers have vowed to rein in skyrocketing drug prices, but most efforts have failed or were blunted by Big Pharma. That’s about to change due to healthcare provisions that enable Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices for the first time, price drops in insulin after enormous public pressure, and disruptive new players like Civica, the nonprofit generic drug maker who has brought new competition and the promise of a new low-cost insulin to the marketplace.
Bottle of insulin and needle
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