Computer scientists, clinicians collaborate at autism conference

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May 15, 2015

SALT LAKE CITY — Medical professionals and computer scientists from more than 40 countries are showcasing their work at the 11th annual International Meeting for Autism Research at the Grand America Hotel this weekend.

The international conference is the largest of its kind, drawing nearly 2,000 clinicians, researchers and scientists working to understand and treat autism spectrum disorder ….

The West Health Institute of La Jolla, California, is showcasing a video game that uses Microsoft’s Kinect technology to improve players’ social skills. The game creates an immersive virtual environment in which players can practice entering conversations, standing in line and other basic social tasks.

Children can play the game independently, as the software generates and transmits automatic progress reports to the child’s parents and therapists.

“We can do this autonomously,” said presenter Michael Casale. “This is independent of the therapist. This is something they can do at home, ad lib.” ….

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