News Digest Innovation Spotlight: West Health

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April 13, 2016

231f8e2b-f33b-4bc4-91ff-8995d88f328e (1)INNOVATION SPOTLIGHT: WEST HEALTH

Shelley Lyford, President & CEOShelley-Lyford

West Health & the Gary and Mary West Foundation 

Shelley Lyford, President and CEO of the Gary and Mary West Foundation and West Health will be joining us to speak about Successful Aging and Chronic Care. Ms. Lyford and West Health are committed to advancing innovative healthcare delivery models that enable seniors to age successfully.

West Health is committed to making successful aging a reality. We sat down with them to learn more about their initiatives and their impact on Aging Americans.

Why is West Health participating in the Summit 2016?
To engage with key stakeholders on research, policy and advocacy initiatives that make successful aging a reality for seniors, and increase the availability of high-quality home-centered and community-based programs throughout the country.

Tell us your disruptive innovation story. What is West Health working on that changes the game for healthcare and Aging Americans?
Through a combination of applied research, policy and community-based initiatives and outcomes-based funding, the West Health Institute and its related organizations are focused on supporting or developing sustainable healthcareWest Health & Successful Aging delivery models for seniors that treat the patient holistically, improve the quality and coordination of care, and increase affordability.

Our special focus is on lower-income seniors who oftentimes are dealing with multiple chronic conditions and lack access to high-quality healthcare and social services and support.

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