Del Mar Times: Local Resident Sydney Johnson to Co-Chair April 27 Benefit for Serving Seniors

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April 20, 2017
  • Amid the clink of fine china and the din of high-brow hob-knobbing at Serving Seniors’ annual gala “Experience of a Lifetime: Uncork Your Support” at the Del Mar Country Club April 27, event co-chair Sydney Johnson will keep her focus trained on the stage of the posh ballroom.

After the welcome hour, after the silent auction, after executive chef Jonathan Sudar presents the evening’s menu and explains its pairings with the wines hand-picked from the cellar of Gary and Mary West — the philanthropist husband-and-wife whose foundation funds Serving Seniors’ wellness center in downtown San Diego — the soiree will fall silent. One of Serving Seniors’ clients will take to the stage to detail how their life had skittered off the rails, and how the nonprofit helped, in turn, prop them back up.

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