The Washington Post: Seniors report spending $22 billion from savings to cover health-care costs

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April 22, 2019


By Michelle Singletary
April 22, 2019

One of the biggest threats to your retirement solvency may be the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs.

A study by West Health and Gallup shows that in the past 12 months, seniors have withdrawn an estimated $22 billion from their long-term savings for health-care-related expenses. The average amount people pulled out was $3,789.

The report, titled “The U.S. Healthcare Cost Crisis,” included a nationally representative survey of more than 3,500 adults.

“Americans in large numbers are borrowing money, skipping treatments and cutting back on household expenses because of high costs, and a large percentage fear a major health event could bankrupt them,” the report said.

Here are some key findings from the report.

— 10 percent of Americans 65 and older did not seek needed treatment in the past 12 months because of the cost of care.