A Roadmap for Effective State Leadership in Value-Based Payment Reform

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February 20, 2020
This document guides state leaders on implementing value-based healthcare reforms, emphasizing their control over healthcare programs and regulatory authority. It addresses challenges such as budget constraints and varying local conditions, offering an analysis of state initiatives aimed at reducing costs and improving healthcare outcomes.

The roadmap emphasizes the importance of states in setting priorities, advancing data sharing, and developing implementation strategies that align with state goals and reduce the burden on healthcare providers. It highlights successful initiatives from various states, such as North Carolina’s comprehensive approach to integrating public and private measures to shift healthcare payments to value-based models. These examples serve as practical illustrations of how states can navigate the complexities of healthcare reform.

This document is a valuable resource for policymakers, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders involved in or interested in the transition to value-based healthcare systems. It combines detailed case studies with actionable recommendations, making it an essential tool for understanding and driving healthcare reform at the state level. Users considering downloading the full document from West Health’s resource page can expect in-depth insights into the mechanics of state-led healthcare reform and its impact on cost and quality of care.

The Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy and West Health have created two strategic roadmaps to advance value-based payment reforms in U.S. healthcare. These roadmaps guide improvements in patient engagement, payment alignment, and data infrastructure, and are part of a three-year initiative to transition to value-based care, incorporating insights to tackle COVID-19 challenges.

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A Roadmap for Effective State Leadership in Value-Based Payment Reform
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