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Assessing The National Strategy to Support Family Caregivers as a Model to Inform Efforts to Advance a National Plan on Aging

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June 12, 2024
A Comprehensive Framework for Supporting Family Caregivers and Advancing National Aging Policies

The development, implementation, and deployment of the RAISE Family Caregivers Act culminated in the 2022 National Strategy to Support Family Caregivers. This strategy, created through extensive stakeholder engagement and public-private partnerships, identified nearly 500 opportunities to support caregivers across various demographics. The approach emphasized building evidence to highlight the urgency of caregiver support, establishing sustainable partnerships, engaging policy and advocacy champions, and leveraging existing strategy models. This comprehensive framework is now seen as a model for advancing a national plan on aging.

Significant data collection and analysis, such as NAC and AARP’s “Caregiving in the U.S.” reports and the NASEM report “Families Caring for an Aging America,” underscored the critical role of family caregivers and their challenges. Public and private sector investments, notably from The John A. Hartford Foundation, were crucial in facilitating advocacy and implementation activities. Despite initial funding challenges, the RAISE Act’s passage and subsequent efforts led to the establishment of a Family Caregiver Resource and Dissemination Center, supporting the Advisory Council and other key initiatives.

Key considerations for advancing a national plan on aging include developing a strong evidence base, building bipartisan support, prioritizing public-private partnerships, and engaging multisector stakeholders, including those with lived experiences. It is essential to incorporate and augment existing planning activities, such as state-led multisector plans for aging, to create a comprehensive national strategy. The success of the National Strategy to Support Family Caregivers highlights the importance of sustained advocacy, bipartisan support, and adaptable frameworks to meet the evolving needs in caregiving and aging.

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