Issue Brief

Geriatric-Focused Acute Care for California’s Seniors

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September 11, 2018
Transforming Geriatric Acute Care through Innovative Policy and Practice

Geriatric-focused acute care is rapidly evolving, driven by an increase in emergency department (ED) visits among seniors, significant admission rates, and rehospitalization concerns, necessitating the development of innovative, scalable, and sustainable care models. These models are specially tailored to the elderly, with policies pushing forward the expansion of scope for specialty-trained professionals and enhancing telehealth capabilities. Amidst the backdrop of a rapidly aging population in California, which is expected to grow by four million by 2030, there’s an urgent need to shift towards more geriatric-sensitive practices within emergency and acute care settings to effectively manage the burgeoning demands.

Innovative implementations of these care models are already underway, including a notable funding initiative that led to the establishment of a state-of-the-art senior emergency care unit. This initiative focuses on providing specialized care specifically designed to meet the unique needs of seniors and incorporates extensive medical research to refine clinical protocols and improve care coordination. These strategic measures aim to enhance health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs by providing both immediate and comprehensive care for seniors during acute health episodes, marking a significant step towards transforming geriatric emergency care into a more patient-centered and efficiency-driven system.

Geriatric-Focused Acute Care for California’s Seniors