Issue Brief

Home-Based Primary Care for California’s Seniors

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September 11, 2018
Advocating for Scalable and Sustainable Home-Based Primary Care for Seniors

Home-based primary care (HBPC) serves as a critical service for managing the complex needs of medically frail seniors, particularly those who are homebound. The effectiveness of HBPC in reducing healthcare costs, improving patient outcomes, and enhancing patient satisfaction stems from the provision of in-home treatment. Addressing the comprehensive needs of seniors, this care model allows them to remain in their homes, thereby avoiding the high costs associated with institutional care. Partnerships with organizations like MedStar Washington Hospital Center and Northwell Health highlight efforts to refine and expand HBPC services, ensuring that they remain sustainable through the integration of telehealth and ongoing process improvements.

Moreover, policy enhancements and increased funding support the scalability of HBPC, focusing on regulatory changes that could enable more seniors to benefit from such care. By integrating clinical services with non-clinical support, this approach effectively manages chronic conditions and leverages technology and community resources to extend HBPC’s reach, covering more seniors while maintaining a high quality of care.

Home-Based Primary Care for California’s Seniors