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Leading the Way in Geriatric Emergency Care: The VA’s Patient-Centered Innovation

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June 26, 2024
A Comprehensive Approach to Enhancing Care for Older Veterans in Emergency Departments

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is transforming geriatric emergency care through patient-centered innovation. The VA is becoming a national leader in this field, addressing the complex medical and social needs of an aging veteran population. Key points include:

  • Challenges in Geriatric Care: Older adults often present with multifaceted medical conditions, leading to longer emergency department (ED) stays and higher healthcare costs.
  • VA’s Commitment: In 2018, the VA launched a nationwide investment in Geriatric Emergency Departments (GEDs), resulting in significant improvements in care, reduced hospital admissions, and lower overall costs.
  • Achievements: The VA has become the largest GED accredited health system, with 67 accredited GEDs across the nation.
  • Case Studies: Successful programs like GERI-VET and pharmacy-led initiatives at various VA Medical Centers have shown reduced ED admissions, improved care integration, and high patient satisfaction.
  • Future Directions: The VA aims to expand GED accreditation across all VA EDs, enhance connectivity with external geriatric initiatives, and focus on value-based care for older veterans.

These efforts align with the VA’s strategic goals to enhance care delivery, promote high reliability and innovation, and ensure an enhanced experience for veterans.

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