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Opinion Poll: Arizona Voters Want Action on the High Price of Prescription Drugs

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September 24, 2018
Arizona Voters Rally for Medicare Negotiations to Tackle Soaring Prescription Drug Costs, New Poll Shows

A poll conducted among Arizona voters emphasized their concerns over the high cost of prescription drugs, which 80% of respondents find troubling. As the top issue, healthcare costs overshadow other major concerns like immigration and the economy, with 56% of those surveyed ranking it as the most critical national issue. This focus reflects a deep-seated anxiety about the financial burdens of healthcare, highlighting an urgent demand for change amidst rising prices that many find unsustainable.

The poll also reveals strong bipartisan support for significant policy changes, specifically the ability for Medicare to negotiate directly with drug companies, an initiative supported by 87% of voters. Such overwhelming consensus crosses political divides, indicating broad frustration with current policies and a collective call for reform to make prescription drugs more affordable. Additionally, a substantial majority, 72%, expressed a likelihood to vote for candidates who would support Medicare negotiations, underscoring the potential impact of this issue on upcoming elections.

Furthermore, the direct consequences of high drug prices on voter behavior are stark, with over a third of respondents admitting to not following prescription drug instructions due to cost. This not only demonstrates the personal health risks associated with high drug prices but also signals a critical public health issue that could influence political landscapes. The data from the poll clearly points to a widespread demand among Arizona voters for their elected officials to take decisive action against the escalating costs of prescription drugs.