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Opinion Poll: Ohio Voters Want Action on the High Price of Prescription Drugs

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October 01, 2018
Ohio Voters Overwhelmingly Support Medicare Negotiations to Tackle High Prescription Drug Prices, Poll Finds

A comprehensive opinion poll focuses on Ohio voters’ concerns about the rising costs of prescription drugs. According to the poll conducted by the West Health Institute, a staggering 87% of voters are worried about drug prices, with healthcare costs overwhelmingly cited as the most important national issue, surpassing jobs, the economy, and immigration. This concern is not confined to any one political group; it cuts across Democrats, Republicans, and independents, indicating a broad consensus on the issue’s importance.

The poll also reveals a strong desire among voters for political action on this issue, with 86% supporting initiatives that would allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices directly with pharmaceutical companies. Such measures are seen as crucial for reducing costs and are backed by substantial majorities across the political spectrum. Additionally, the survey indicates that a significant majority, 70%, would prefer to vote for candidates who pledge to support Medicare negotiations, highlighting the potential electoral implications of this issue.

Furthermore, the high cost of drugs has led to serious consequences for individual health management, with a third of respondents admitting to not filling prescriptions or taking less than their prescribed medication due to cost concerns. This underlines the personal impact of high drug prices on voters and showcases the urgency and significance of this issue as a key factor in upcoming elections. The document underscores a critical and growing demand for legislative and executive action to tackle the burden of prescription drug costs on consumers.