There’s something in the AirStrip

2 min
August 27, 2014

Earlier this week, the Gary and Mary West Health Investment Fund participated in a $25 million strategic investment round in AirStrip, a technology company bringing healthcare data to mobile devices.

The West Health Investment Fund joined other investors such as Sequoia Capital, the Wellcome Trust and Dignity Health on this financing, which showcases the broad interest in AirStrip’s innovative application of healthcare technology.

AirStrip helps doctors with clinical decision-making, care coordination and workflow efficiency. It brings together data from different platforms and sources, so doctors can get live, diagnostic-quality clinical data via an app on their mobile devices. Its maternal monitoring application has had great success, with nearly one in six babies born in the United States being monitored with AirStrip. By working with a variety of systems and technologies, AirStrip is demonstrating how innovative, interoperable technologies can be integrated into the healthcare system to help transform how and where care is delivered to patients.

Reimagining healthcare delivery with smarter technologies and practices is fundamental to addressing the cost crisis in healthcare, which is why Gary and Mary West launched the West Health Investment Fund in 2011.

The West Health Investment Fund is a for-profit venture, with all returns committed to medical research and other charitable activities. Investments in companies such as Airstrip help make high-quality healthcare more accessible at a lower cost to all Americans.

Earlier this year, the West Health Investment Fund announced that the assets of Sense4Baby, Inc., developer of a smartphone-based maternal/fetal monitoring system, were acquired by AirStrip to further improve the quality of care for mothers and babies, with innovative mobile solutions. Sense4Baby, Inc.’s core technology was originally developed at the Gary and Mary West Health Institute, which licensed it to AirStrip.

West Health will continue to work with technology leaders like AirStrip to show how interoperable systems and devices can help transform care delivery.