Urgent and non-emergent telehealthcare for seniors: Findings from a multi-site impact study

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April 17, 2021

Journal of Telehealth and Telecare

Authors: Zia Agha, Paul Bernstein, Kelly Ko, Juhi Israni, Alex Cronin, Mike Kurliand, Jizxiao Shi, Joanie Chung, Lina Borgo, Tadashi Funahashi, Amanda Reed, Larissa Kosten, Anna Marie Chang, Frank Sites


The global pandemic has raised awareness of the need for alternative ways to deliver care, notably telehealth. Prior to this study, research has been mixed on its effectiveness and impact on downstream utilization, especially for seniors. Our multi-institution study of more than 300,000 telehealth visits for seniors evaluates the clinical outcomes and healthcare utilization for urgent and non-emergent symptoms.

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Urgent and non-emergent telehealth care for seniors: Findings from a multi-site impact study
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Zia Agha, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Gary and Mary West Foundation
Chief Medical Officer, West Health Institute